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Wedding Videography: Pricing

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Wedding Videography: Pricing

Like most things in life, in wedding videography there are highs and lows of the pricing spectrum, and it is up to you to see how much investment you want to make in your wedding memories. At the most basic level, the videographer can capture your wedding so you can watch it when you go home. If you ask a friend or a relative to act as a videographer, beware that you video may be shaky and have low sound quality which will take away from enjoyment of watching. At the high end, you can ask videographer to do anything that you wish. Here are some of the considerations you should have on a Wedding Video Budget:

First, figure out your budget. You should ask the videographer about the packages. You can get either one or two cameras to film your wedding. If your aim is to have good quality of the wedding video that you can enjoy for many years in the future, and not only to save money, always choose two cameras. It will give a possibility to see the event from two different angles, and you a feeling of watching a movie.
Wedding Video Styles. Next, ask the wedding videographer about the style. There are two most common styles of wedding videography: cinematic and documentary. Cinematic Wedding Videos. In cinematic style, the video is carefully planned and sometimes posed as in making a movie or film and the video is captured and edited for the dramatic effect and mood.  wedding videography philadelphia

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