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Wedding Videography: Post Production

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Wedding Videography: Post Production

synopsis by: Jerome J.

As a Professional Videographer your objective is to capture all the best moments of the bride and the groom on their wedding day.  So here are some more professional tips to help you with your wedding videography business.

First and foremost is you should make a production package to be able to present to your prospective client.  Have several options for the wedding couple to choose from and show some samples of your work.  All these can hasten the decision of the prospective couple.

Diversity is an one of the most important ingredient for a business to strive. So create some variety like making “Love Stories” or a slide show for your client.  This could be done prior to the wedding day.  Love stories are short video stories that details on how the bride and groom fell in love. It could include interviews and shooting video together in a romantic setting.   A slide show is usually a collection of pictures of the couple from the time they were still young until the time they got engaged put some music on the background. This could be done with a video editing application This could be presented as part of the reception activity.

Same day edits.  It is suggested that if you can bring a good laptop you can transfer immediately your wedding ceremony footage into a laptop apply some video editing prior to the reception.  Using some artistic perspective you present this immediately at the reception also.

The last step on your videography work is the editing of the whole wedding activity. If you had your production package it would be easy for you to immediately work on your editing and finality of your wedding video.  If you had used multiple cameras to cover the whole wedding day you would need a good video editing software and you would need to transfer all footage from the different cameras all together into one software application.  You need to edit and come up with the final video.

To add some professional look on your video you can print on the cover of the HD and maybe put some titles or labels before you give the final copy to the married couple. All these can give you a competitive advantage to your on video services over other wedding videographer professionals.

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