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Wedding Videography: Aspect Ratio

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Wedding Videography: Aspect Ratio

video synopsis by: Jerome J.


A wedding videographer should have knowledge of several technicalities such as Aspect Ratio.  Aspect Ratio is simply the size of the screen of the projected image.  Before the standard aspect ratio is 4:3 or is the size of your television screen.  So the ratio is actually the x and y axis, y for the horizontal length and x is the vertical length.  As the quality of the TV improved more full length movies are being shown on TV there was a tremendous increase in the purchase of TV and they realized a drastic drop in audience in the cinema theater.


So they developed a different aspect ratio, first they introduced the 3D where when watching the movie you would be wearing those fancy glasses, then the 1.85:1 and the most recent is 2.35:1 or the Anamorphic Scope.   So what is it really for the wide screen?  Using wide screen especially the Anamorphic Scope would convey much more dynamic imagery and enhance the dramatic impact of the video to the viewer. Compared to TV maybe a film showing 3 to 4 characters all together can be clearly seen while on TV or on other aspect ratio only 2 characters could be shown on the same film. So why go wide rather than increase the square size?  Humans usually see things horizontally and not vertically, it is our natural behavior and instinct that when we want to see things we usually scan things horizontally or the eye going from left to right or vice versa. So going wide screen is more akin to the human eye.


Most camcorders nowadays have two aspect ratios available on their units for the user’s option, the 4:3 and the 2.35:1. So the wedding videographer has a lot of room for his artistic wedding video coverage to have impact on its viewers.


Aspect Ratio should be considered as an important item when we are talking about video since most film making are directing toward wider aspect ratio. Old TV supports a standard 4:3 aspect ratio so sourcing a video from a 2:35:1 would create a lot of problems when viewing the video. So we to consider a lot of things such as Does your video match your TV aspect ratio?, Does your TV have an aspect ratio control?, If you plan to buy a TV, would it have the correct aspect ratio? This are some concerns that you need to consider regarding video.


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