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Wedding Video: Megan and Dave on Wedding Day!!

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Megan and Dave on Wedding Day!!

When I was a little girl, my Mama would always tell me “when the time is right, go find a good man and marry him”. Since then marriage has been one of my goal in life and I kept on dreaming about it. I attended many weddings of my Mama’s friends, and even got to be the little bride. It got into my mind that weddings need to be very dreamy, everything needs to be perfect. I thought if it would be seamless, it should be expensive. If someone would ask me ” how would you want to be married Sharie?”, I would always tell them that I want it to happen in a place where everything is white, the place full with decorations of pink and red roses with a famous band playing at the stage, having food in the table that has a unique taste and is delicious, enjoying my perfect wedding with the famous people I know from our place and at my side should be a husband that can afford paying all the bills of my dream wedding.

Megan and Dave’s wedding made me think that no costly place is needed to have an ideal wedding. The couple said “I do” to each other at the Beautiful Sweetwater Farm, simply decorated with Sunflowers at every end of the white chairs where the guests were seated. Everybody was just so happy and glad for the couple. After the union of the bride and groom, the newlywed went to the reception room with their family and friends. As simple as how the wedding went, the reception was delightful. The mood was set by the Great James Gerard Orchestra, who provided the music. The foods were succulent and luscious, planned and conceptualized by the event planner Chrissy Lehman. And with this great event, memories should be kept. The barrels of laughter were caught in the picture shot by the Still Photographer, Tony Baiada Sudio.  wedding video

Now a wedding for me is all about LOVE, SUNFLOWERS and FAMILY. Congratulations to the newlyweds.
By: Sharie M.

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