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Wedding Video Enhancements Through Color Grading

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Wedding Video Enhancements Through Color Grading

synopsis by: Jerome J.


Another important quality for a professional videographer is to know how to make Color grading. Color grading has two objectives one is correcting the color and the other one is lighting. Enhancement and all color changes is done by the videographer after the whole wedding ceremony and this is done technically through the use of a good software that can handle color changes.

Getting footage of the whole wedding ceremony, the videographer has no total control of the lightings on the different venues.  Wedding ceremonies held outdoors whether it would be sunny day or a cloudy day, reception indoors or under makeshift tents, these are the different factors that affect the lighting and footage of the videographer.  Although the videographer has equipments or gadget s that would help him create a good footage but this would not totally suffice the production video that the videographer wanted to create.

The videographer’s job is to create the correct color and to make this color combination consistently all throughout the video. It is expected that on every video that you get, there are good shots and there are really bad shots.  If you could not eliminate the worst shots to be included in your video, it is recommended that the videographer should work first on those worst shots and create a visual atmosphere for the whole video.  It might even go to a point that you have to lower the quality of other good shots just to create a semblance to the whole video work.

Color grading or color adjustment. There are certain colors on the subject that you may want to suppress and increasing contrast. In the olden times, they utilize they use certain colored lamps to suppress some colors or increase the subjects contrast. They use red, green and blue to suppress some colors and to produce a good contrast.

Today not much of a problem on color grading techniques can be made on your video project. There are a variant of softwares available on the market that is capable or centers on color grading for photos and videos. It is up to the videographer to have his own best judgement to what and how he thinks can be done in editing his video project. We have to be honest, there are a lot to learn about color grading in order for you to come up with the best video.

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