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The Top 5 Locations To Go On A Honeymoon Cruise

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The Top 5 Locations To Go On A Cruise

Picking a cruise can be intimidating. Which ones cater to young children, or older retirees? Which cruise lines are best for honeymooners or singles? No matter which cruise line you pick, the most important decision you’ll have to make is – where to go. Each cruise can be, and is, packed with entertainment, gyms and restaurants but your destination is the most important factor.

Here are the top five cruise locations to serve as a guide:

Northern Europe Cruises

Have you been longing to see the Baltic Sea, St. Petersburg or Norway? This is a perfect itinerary for anyone who wants to enjoy the comfort of a cruise line while enjoying the scenery of Northern Europe at its finest.

Western Europe

There are so many wonderful European destinations, and most of the popular spots exist in the West. From Paris to Amsterdam, take your pick while basking in the sun on your cruise ship. Enjoy moving from sea to land while you savour the extravagant food on board, and witness the glorious cathedrals on foot.

Greece and Italy

Often, a person’s first choice when taking a cruise is the beautiful Mediterranean Coast. From the sun to the sand, and the gorgeous architecture and friendly locals, what more could you ask for? From Milan to the Greek Islands, there are many ports to pick and choose from.


One of the best things about an Alaskan cruise is the incredible scenery and wildlife. Whether you’ve always wanted to see glaciers up close or whales just several feet away, Alaskan cruises are the perfect option for cruise goers. Customise your itinerary and leave from anywhere in the world to start your vacation.


If you think of your cruise ship as a floating hotel, then think of the Caribbean as the perfect holiday destination. Enjoy seeing the local sights of Jamaica, the Mayan Ruins, the Virgin Islands and the white sandy beaches of Barbados.

Cruises have become the new vacation, and are among the most popular way to travel these days. See some of the most beautiful places in the world, and enjoy the luxury of your cruise line to the fullest!

For more information about cruise holidays, including the very popular Norwegian cruises, visit Cheapcruises.com.

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