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Putting Pictures Into Wedding Videography

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Putting Pictures Into Wedding Videography

If you’re somewhat familiar using the wedding industry, it’s no real surprise that professional wedding photographers and videographers have a love/hate relationship. Based on which argument from the fence you are on, ego and business would be the greatest factors in a successful relationship. Having developed with my dad who is a veteran photographer I’ve seen the workings from the photography business and how it relates to shooting video. So what’s my estimation? Neither is much better. Various? Yes. Initial of all, an excellent wedding video incorporates a compelling and amusing story. After all, for this reason they employed you. Pictures are a very powerful tool for any expertly edited video.

Lately, I shot a wonderful bridal shower for any client. Instead of just editing raw video footage and slapping down a level of music I went the extra mile. Throughout the event, I recorded interviews of her primary loved ones and friends. I knew this could come in handy for post production. As soon as I’d captured the footage and imported her photographs into AVID the time had come to obtain to work. I layered down a good bed of music that established the mood without overpowering my primary audio, the job interview. Care must be taken that your musical choice does not overlap using the frequency selection of your subjects or one last mix will sound muddy.

Because the introduction began, I faded in music with a nice choice of establishing shots. As I cut into the very first interview I stacked a nice layer of photographs to come what my topic was referring to. This results in a free flowing edit and adds power to her words and feeling to her thoughts. And more importantly, the edit becomes seamless to the viewer. This method is frequently noticed in documentaries and is an established form of videography. Now, I could have used the raw footage. Nevertheless, with regard to weddings there’s some thing much more sensational and emotive when your looking at a great photograph. For the videographer, photos are a great tool to add to your editing and production arsenal. wedding videography new jersey

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