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Planning Your Wedding Day

When planning a wedding it is almost a given that you are going to hire a professional photographer. What might not be so clear is whether you should hire a professional videographer. In this article I will explore some of the pros and cons of hiring a videographer vs. having a friend or relative tape the wedding or even going without.

The first question you need to ask is yourself is whether you want a video of your wedding in the first place. You are already going to have hundreds and possibly over a thousand photographs from your wedding, so what more could you need? This may seem obvious but, how about sound? Flipping through a photo album is a great way to bring back memories of your wedding day but years from now you probably will not remember what it sounded like. Having your wedding day captured on video lets you hear your vows all over again, the sound of your family and friends cheering for you and the music that was playing as you share your first dance together as husband and wife. The other factor of course is motion. The subtleties of all of those special little moments that go by so fast just can’t be captured the same in a still photo. Another consideration is sharing your wedding video with your children and even grandchildren many years from now. A video can give you the sense of being their like no other medium. You can pass on to future generations a little time capsule, a record of that one special day in your lives and the lives of all your family and friends who are their to share it with you. wedding video nj

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