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All sorts of people can and will claim that they can be the videographer for your wedding, but the simple fact of the matter is not all videographers are cut from the “same cloth.” This means that it pays to shop around and do your homework. There is a big difference between a good videographer with a proven track record and a novice (or even worse someone who treats your wedding as a joke). When it comes to finding the best person for this job, be sure to exercise due diligence. It is worth the extra time that it might take you to find a qualified videographer. The first logical step is to ask your friends and family members for referrals. You never know who might have the perfect recommendation. Be sure to ask a wide variety of people, not just couples who recently got married. Often great videographers get most of their business through word of mouth. As a result, you won’t see them doing a lot of advertising. Once you meet with the videographer that you are considering, ask to see his or her demo reel. Qualified professionals should be more than happy to show you footage from past weddings. If, for some reason, the potential videographer seems hesitant or reluctant to show you his or her past work, look elsewhere. The same thing goes for references. Wedding Videographers should be comfortable giving you references from past clients. If they seem reluctant to do so, they may indeed be hiding something.

When you interview videographers, ask them what types of shots they plan to take. They should have a detailed plan that is well thought through. This plan should include everything from taking group shots of your friends and relatives to getting memorable close-ups like your wedding ring and the wedding flowers. Shiny metals and stones look great on video so make sure that your videographer will not forget to have your tungsten wedding bands or diamonds caught on video. Make Sure Your Videographer Records Your Rings. Wedding rings are simply beautiful and look great on video. Many couples, whether they opt for tungsten wedding bands or another type of wedding rings, simply forget to have their videographer take a few close-up shots. Don’t forget this important moment in your life! Use Your Best Judgment. While your wedding is definitely a very important day and you want your wedding video to be great, remember that all you can do is exercise your best judgment. If you take your time and carefully exercise all your options, you will likely select a wedding videographer that is a great fit.

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  1. angelo carlo gabisan says:

    In this important moment in your life! Best Judgment is a must. This is a good advise to hire a perfect Videographer.