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It seems today that most people’s income is going down while at the same time everything is getting more and more expensive. It is no wonder that couples are looking to save money on their weddings. While analyzing your wedding budget, tossing out professional videography may be tempting. Chances are you know someone with a video camera who could shoot video of your wedding for you. Recently I found a really wonderful article on the subject explaining why professional videography should be considered essential for your wedding. Also wedding videography can be surprisingly affordable as long as you are willing to make some trade offs. There are many good reasons why the cost of a professional video production can run into the thousands of dollars. However, if you are willing to make some concessions the price can drop quite a bit. I offer a basic wedding video package for less than ( make your figure).

The cost of hiring a wedding videographer can be expensive and most will consider that to be a luxury, a want not a need. Hiring a wedding photographer is obvious, so why would you want to hire a professional videographer when your brother or cousin have a camcorder around?
Having your cousin or brother to shoot the wedding may seem like an inexpensive task, but shooting your wedding may not be on his priority list of things to do or he may be there just to have a good time, and hit on that really pretty bridesmaid because you invited him, not hire him to do the job, he is only doing it as a favor to you. Hiring a professional wedding videographer is a safety net so you do not miss the first dance shot, the cake cutting, the bouquet toss, and any key moments during the wedding. A professional wedding videographer job is to make sure all the important moments are recorded on film. To get the most for your dollars you should ask the appropriate questions and find a videographer that fits your sense of style. Older folks, such as grandparents, are more likely to say, no, so if you really want to capture them on film it would be best to do so before the wedding starts!

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