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Archive for July, 2011

Hiring A Wedding Videographer

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Watching a wedding video ten years down the road is something that everyone should be able to do and look forward to. Sure, right now, you can’t imagine ever forgetting a single word or a look from your wedding day but be honest with yourself. You will have so many things going on that your big day will be a bit of a whirlwind and you just won’t be able to remember every special moment.   You need something special to help you capture those wonderful moments that slip from memory all too quickly. This is where a wedding videographer comes … Read more

Congrats On Your Wedding Day!

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Congratulations on your forthcoming Wedding or Civil Partnership. You may well have lists coming out of your ears, so what is the point of another one? Well, simply put, if it gets written down the chances are it will get done. Also you are less likely to forget important people if you give it some thought before the day. I’m not saying that if the picture is not on the list it won’t be taken, far from it. Most of the best candid moments are totally unplanned, the children’s kiss, the thumbs up and the laugh at the best man’s … Read more

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All sorts of people can and will claim that they can be the videographer for your wedding, but the simple fact of the matter is not all videographers are cut from the “same cloth.” This means that it pays to shop around and do your homework. There is a big difference between a good videographer with a proven track record and a novice (or even worse someone who treats your wedding as a joke). When it comes to finding the best person for this job, be sure to exercise due diligence. It is worth the extra time that it might … Read more

Reflections Back On Wedding Day

I had the entrance music cut off when she is half way and I sung “A Moment Like This” by Leona Lewis. After the wedding, when we had a chance to look at the tape, I saw moments that were very touching where I missed or did not notice.Two precious moments that I missed: As I was singing to Julia, I saw her whole facial expression changing, moment by moment on the video. She actually paused for a second and listened to me when she realized that I planned a surprise for her. I actually … Read more

Using Wedding Planners To Help With Video

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One thing that married women agree on is that having their wedding captured on video gives them more realistic memories than still wedding pictures. Most of them will confess that a wedding video is more entertaining and more interactive than the photos. Having quality wedding video may however, be determined by the Mississauga Wedding Videographer that one chooses to hire for the wedding. It is hence, important to certify their professionalism. The biggest challenge therefore lies in getting a real professional as opposed to individuals who want to pass off as professionals by the virtue of owning a camera.

Because … Read more